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Cool Weather = Warm Colors | 7 Fall Trees to Help Welcome Autumn

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” — Albert CamusFall trees possess a magical quality that makes them endlessly inspiring to artists. Here, seven pastelists share seven paintings that capture the breathtaking beauty of autumn. Enjoy!Tom Bailey | Fall Trees and PortraitureSome paintings of fall trees take on a feeling of portraiture, as in Tom Bailey‘s The Lookout.
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Artist Profiles

Contemporary Watercolor Artist John Salminen Shares Hard-Won Wisdom

Exclusive interview with Master of Watercolor: John SalminenEvery time I look at John Salminen’s work, I simply get happy. I spend several moments studying each painting — taking in the colors, the compositions, the narratives, the forms — and this visual absorption just buoys up my spirits. For this reason, among many others, I am thrilled John Salminen is the juror for the 10th Annual International Watermedia Showcase.
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Techniques and Tips

Drawing Skills Can Bring New Life to Your Painting

I’ve always thought of a painter’s drawings as his or her diary. A finished painting is the confident, public face shown to the world, but drawings read like journal entries, where you can see an artist’s preoccupations, struggles, moments of exploration, and sense of play.Historically, drawing has been an integral part of an artist’s process.
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Art History

Learn from 5 of the Greatest Watercolorists

Creative Links That Unite Watercolor MastersWhen you start to explore watermedia art it is sooooo useful to first look to your watercolor masters! Learning about how really successful and skilled artists do their thing is like a Yellow Brick Road for you. You find your way by following their path.Gain inspiration, because of course the work is beautiful, and also gain insight into how they execute more complicated techniques.
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Creativity Inspiration

10 Inspiring Messages from Artists Over 60

It’s Never Too Late to Become an ArtistOf the countless reasons we love our Over 60 Competition, the inspiring stories we receive from the artists themselves tops the list. Many of the winners from Magazine‘s Over 60 Competition are beginners or new to the art world, offering us the necessary perspective to never give up on your dreams.
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The Artist Life

A Lesson from Claude Monet on Facing Rejection

Monet’s Battle with RejectionIt is hard to imagine today Claude Monet facing rejection as an artist, but it’s true. Monet dealt with tremendous resistance to his work during the early years of his working life. Of course, he was expressing an entirely new form of oil painting, so he might have expected “blowback” from the French art establishment until Impressionism was ultimately accepted.
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