All About Charcoal Drawing

All About Charcoal Drawing

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Charcoal drawing

A drawing technique that employs an implement of charred wood, charcoal drawing is a staple of any artist’s study. As with many drawing media, charcoal responds strongly to the grain of the paper it is used on.

In this topic section, you’ll find links to lead you to the particular aspects of charcoal drawing that you need to research, as well as youtube drawing tutorials to help you along the way.

Charcoal vs Graphite vs Conte

To the untrained eye, these media are interchangeable, but if you’re just starting out, it pays to know which will be best for you. The nuances that divide the dark drawing instruments are the same that offer them strength for different purposes. Find out more about the best drawing tools for you in Network’s free guide.

What’s the best paper for charcoal drawing?

Because charcoal is a dry medium, you’ll need textured paper that will grab the charcoal and help it to stick. Look for paper with tooth – similar to the sort of paper you might need to paint with pastels.

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