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Art Machines: Specific Gravity

Art Machines: Specific Gravity

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When you get the opportunity to go behind the scenes with paint-makers and manufacturers–you take it! Explore Winsor Newton’s “Art Machines,” which pull back the curtain to reveal the company’s unique investment in craftsmanship, research and development of premium paints.

Weighing Up the Benefits

How do you know that your paint has the right balance of raw materials? From pigment to water to emulsion, the composition of the Winsor Newton Professional Acrylic range is rigorously maintained, ensuring it meets every artist’s high standards. And now you can see a specially made video showing exactly how this precise engineering takes place.

In the last post, we looked at the methods Winsor Newton use to ensure perfect texture in their Professional Acrylic paint. This time, we’re back in the London laboratory to see their tests measuring specific gravity. It’s a chance to go behind the scenes and see the tools and techniques used to produce perfectly consistent paint.

Pigment, after all, is only one component of acrylic paint. Initially, the pigment is combined with a wetting agent to make pigment paste. Beads are added next and the pigment is ground. Water and emulsion are added to form the acrylic and air is removed at the end to form the acrylic paint.

The process of testing begins with a small, specially designed metal cup. This is filled with a predetermined volume of paint, which is then measured under test conditions. That number is divided by the weight of water that is required to fill the cup. The resulting amount is the final specific gravity reading for the paint. In this way, Winsor Newton can ensure that each batch has the perfect balance of raw materials to give the right consistency for application.

Using rigorous research and development techniques, Winsor Newton produce new paints with strict specifications. A team of in-house chemists, known as “colour men,” develops paint. They partner with an in-house artist based in the laboratory. It’s this combination of expertise and practical know-how that ensures impeccable quality in the Professional Acrylic range.

This is just one of the ways Winsor Newton guarantee precision engineering in every paint, batch after batch. Check out their other test videos and discover more about their pursuit of perfection.

Watch the video: Determination of Specific Gravity of Liquid Relative density with Calculation and Explanation (August 2022).