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8 Habits of Highly Satisfied Artists

8 Habits of Highly Satisfied Artists

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So You Love Your Art Even More

Satisfaction is a powerful feeling. It’s fulfillment, freedom and pleasure rolled into one. Most of us will pursue and savor it throughout life when we are lucky enough to get a taste of it. It doesn’t always come easy — but you can definitely make it a habit.

#1 Highly Satisfied Artists Actually Make It a Habit

Habit, in the art context, is a great word. It means you are getting to draw or sketch, collage or sculpt or sew every day. That means, if you are a calendar person — put it on your calendar.

If you are a list-taker, this deserves a bullet. If you are a morning person, head to the studio at sun up. However you operate in your life, making your art a habit will leave you a highly satisfied artist.

#2 Highly Satisfied Artists Make It an Occasion

If you love art the way I think you do, make it a party for one or an adventure of a lifetime or at least a weekend getaway.

The point is that your art is special, so it is okay to put aside time to make it feel special and that means doing something out of the ordinary with it.

#3 They Go Where the Love Is

Suss out what you love about art-making and creative projects. Is it the fine details or the big gestures? Is it being outdoors? Is it the color or the drawing? Do what you love and zero in on it! Don’t play games with yourself. Go after what you love about your art and your art will grow!

#4 They Challenge Themselves

Do you remember what it was like to learn to tie your shoe? Or ride a bike? Or jump in on double-dutch? All things from our kidhoods for the most part, and yet that sense of accomplishment is one that we remember forever.

Challenging ourselves is something we do less and less of as we get older because we think tripping over ourselves and making mistakes isn’t what adults do. Wrong. That just means we stop learning.

So take on a small, new challenge in your art. Try something challenging. Try something new. Try it again and again just like you did when learning to balance on a bike. And then when you’ve got it, savor the victory!

#5 They Have Secrets

Artists who love their art usually seem to have an aura of knowing about them. This can be annnnnnnnoying unless you have secrets, too! And you can! All it takes is exploring and doing things outside of your normal routine. Like painting upside down. Or studying your composition intently for 60 seconds and painting without peeking for 5 minutes. And then repeat.

Or pick up some unusual art materials and put them through their paces like you’ll be shown in Pushing the Boundaries of Watercolor. Or do something you’ve never done before like glazing. It’s in Pushing the Boundaries of Watercolor too!

#6 They Give Someone Else the Experience Too

I am incredibly grateful that I get to talk about art every day of my working life. But my best days aren’t when the boss tells me, “Good job,” or I feel like I nail something that has been stumping me. The best days are when I get to give art to others and see them light up. I see them take the experience or knowledge and make it their own.

Share your art with others however you can and are comfortable with. It is worth sharing. You’ll see that in the faces of the people you share it with.

#7 They Aren’t So Heavy

Doom and gloom is not for the highly satisfied artist. He or she knows this is about all the good things inside us: creativity, inspiration, fun and messiness and discovery. They don’t weigh themselves down with out-of-wack expectations, nor do they carry their art like a burden.

Embrace the lightness and easiness of art-making. It’s your thing. You can do it however you want or however you do it. It’s awesome, right now, just as it is.

#8 They Don’t Mourn Lost Time

Time is tricky indeed. It can be your best ally or villain depending on how you come at it. That means, you’ve got to stop mourning the time that has gone by when you couldn’t make art or weren’t as productive, and start looking forward to time as open territory where your art will enhance the landscape in the most beautiful way.

Don’t be sad about what you haven’t been able to get to. Be thankful you can make art now!

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